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The driving theme of this exhibit is the artist's own vision of his work and his museum related to the sea and nature. An exhibit space was created in accordance with the artist's imaginary, a space that originates from his own work and that allows visitors to discover Man's special view of the world.

Beginning with one of his photographic works titled "Museum vom Einsiedler Man. Camelle (A Coruña). Spanien" (Museum of the Hermit Man. Camelle (A Coruña) Spain), an exhibit space was created to show Man's works which made up the museum. Through this composition Man created a journey of images through his museum.

The exhibit shows a whole series of works made from objects brought back by the sea into the coast of Camelle (known as crebas) and which Man assembled, deformed and painted for his creations. One can also see photographs, sketches by visitors and documents with aphorisms and thoughts as a manner of statement.

Large part of his work has already been lost, and only graphic and audiovisual documents are left. In this exhibit, visitors can enjoy some of the pieces that show the life and work of Man and his connection to the sea and his surroundings. Citizens can access his work and philosophy of life and his link to the sea. The exhibit raises citizens' awareness regarding the importance of our cultural heritage, promoting it by through a clear vision of communication and diffusion.